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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Starting the training

My training started on Saturday, for Ironman 70.3 2015. Its a year to get ready and i will need every day of this year!

I've been training a little bit on the running front. Doing interval training to increase my stamina. Running 3 minutes and walking 1 for a few weeks. On Saturday I decided to see how far I can run in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I still felt good and was able to do a full 20 minutes. 2.7km in 20 minutes - that was pretty good going on my first attempt! I was thrilled.

Sunday I was back in the gym, ran for 20 minutes and did 2.7km again. Feeling good. Still doing powerplate, that machine is awesome! Love how tired my muscles get after a workout. I do 3 sets of arms and always do the planks. how about doing the 30 day plank challenge with me. More on that next time.

Heres to being, fit and healthy and enjoying the outdoors.

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