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Sunday, March 30, 2014


It is an amazing feeling to set goals that are at best a bit of a stretch, and to achieve them. They don't however happen without hard work, commitment and determination.

When I first decided to train as an athlete, and ultimately be ready for the ironman 70.3 in January 2015, I was almost a coach potato and could barely run 2km.

Reaching the 5km mark was brilliant!! I was so pleased with myself and it was the mental block milestone. My time was a lengthy 42min, but that wasn't bothering me in the slightest!! I achieved that mid February, some 3 weeks into my training.

Yesterday I did my first 5km run competitively. All the previous 5km I've done have been as a fun run! my personal best time of 32min, I was more than pleased!

It doesn't happen alone though. A supportive husband, people who are prepared to sow into you, and assist u with training and advice. I am very blessed to have people who so freely give advice, about running, the ironman, nutrition is a big focus area and other ins and outs of triathlon training. Over and above that is Kobus who has lent me his bike, Wayne who is my training partner come coach and gave me a running plan and is so patient with me and the mtb club that I ride with. Those guys are very patient, love beginners and ride with the slowest rider. They didn't make me feel out of my depth and we ended up doing a 45km cycle. Wow! I was finished

I hope that when I am fit and have a halfman or 2 under my belt I will be as patient and supportive to beginners as the people who have crossed my path have been to me.

Trust you have a blessed and happy weekend.