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Sunday, January 16, 2011


happy new year and welcome twenty-eleven. wow, are we sure glad you arrived!

so i've been rather bad about my blogging on this site, as you may have noticed. i have however decided that 2011 is my year and i WILL be blogging more, so keep posted to hear my ramblings.

inspiration, where does it come from and how do you use it? i take my inspiration from various places namely my daughter - her laugh, cute sayings and activities give me fantastic scrapbooking ideas. what about movies? i loved "julie and julia", that got me into the kitchen and trying out new receipes. that was pure cooking inspiration.

health, food, vitality, fitness - well the mirror gives me that inspiration. realising that another year has rolled around, and thats not the only thing that is rolling around me! 2011 is going to be a year of gym, healthy eating, more time in the kitchen preparing, less ready made meals, giving morgan the best organic and fresh foods.

shopping is great inspiration. whoever coined the term 'retail therapy' is a gal after my own heart. i tried it again this weekend, just to make sure it still works and i'm pleased to announce that 'yes!' retail shopping still has appeal. our local shopping complex, walmer park, has had some extension done and there are 1 or 2 really cute shops there.

time time and time remain terms that elude me however and i haved decided to try find more time this coming year. time to relax, time to spend with morgan, time with my family, time for me, time for gym, time for scrapbooking, time for work, time for neglected friends, time for blogging and so the list goes on......

organised is something i used to be. my husband says he doesn't recognise me anymore! shows you that porridge brain is not some term made up by a quack. its real and i have it! now that i don't want it anymore, how do i get rid of it? refer paragraph above, maybe the two are connected? i'll keep you posted

the turkey has been eaten, the meat has been braaied and we are back at work. summer holidays are truly awesome and i have relaxed so much. this week brings a fantastic family wedding that i am so looking foward to. heres to janice and daine, may this weekend be all you want it to be.

God bless, may His light shine upon you this week. catch you next week for some more ramblings, and maybe a receipe or scrapbooking page?

much love