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Friday, June 18, 2010

how time flies...

hi guys

well, the last post i did was 2nd may and i can't believe how time has flown. what has the last 5 weeks brought me?

well my birthday. we went to capetown fish market with friends and had a lovely evening - thanks guys for joining me
then morgan's party - 1st birthday. awe.... shame it was so cute all the little friends. she thoroughly enjoyed it and was so spoilt. thank you to all her maaitjies who helped her celebrate
then it was morgan's birthday. can't believe my baba is 1 already. i remember being in hospital like it was a month or two ago.... where does the time go?

then after all the celebrations we all got sick. morgan started it off with a cold, and gave me tonsilitis. can you believe - who gets tonsilitis in their 30's? apparently me. i haven't been sick for 3 years and was i sick. i have to be off work for a whole week - never ever before

morgie poohs is still sick. she has sinusitus and is on her second lot of antibiotics. poor sausage, its not fair that little ones must get sick. i'm really hoping its coming to an end now because the medicine is giving other side effects

so work is going well. far too much cappaccinno's thanks to sammy -sams. its all good, we are really having a good time and hopefully making a difference. isn't that what its all about?

busy with a cute layout for morgan - just don't have any pics yet. just bought a whole lot of credits from photobox so i'll be printing very soon (she hopes)

love to you all