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Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Mini Christmas Album

Have you already downloaded your Christmas photos, sorted through them and printed them out? If your like me, that usually gets done towards Easter! But since 2010 is my year for getting organised, and TIME is my new buzz word, i've been proactive this year.

I created this mini Christmas Album for my sister-in-law to remind her of her holiday at home (she lives in the UK with her fiance). It was our little Morgan's first Christmas, and we all enjoyed watching her with the paper and presents!

Take rectangle chipboard pieces for your pages. I used 5 12cmx8cm chipboard, including cover and back. Since you need to cover 10 sizes, select either 5 double pages (you get 2 pages covered from 1 sheet) or 10 single pages. Choose Christmas paper, with greens and reds if you are going for the traditional Christmas theme.

Firstly I covered each chipboard sheet. I put the double sided tape (medium or thick tape) onto the chipboard and then put the paper onto the chipboard. It is easier to then cut the paper from the chipboard with your craft knife.

I then chose my pictures to fit each page. It is a good idea to have some jumbos, 2 ups, 4 ups as well as 6 ups for this project. I like to pick and chose and love to have a variety of printed photos to play around with.

After embellishing each page, do some journalling (i put the menu onto one of the tags) as well as some colour coded ribbons on the rings.

Enjoy this quick and easy project. It is a perfect gift, or a reminder of hopefully a wonderful Christmas.


  1. This is a super cute project!!! looking forward to seeing many more on your blog this year ;-)

  2. very cute mini album! a wonderful reminder for your family