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Friday, April 9, 2010

Whats new

Well my job at PERCCI is going well. I can't believe how time has flown

I have managed to get one or two layouts done, but my scrapbooking is way behind. I haven't finished my February Project 12 layout - oops.

Morgan is growing so fast. I am trying to be organised in order to spend as much time at weekends and be home early enough to feed her, bath and a little playtime.

I am reading Jeffrey Archer's 'Paths of Glory' and am throughly enjoying it. It is so different to anything else he has written and is bringing back lots of memories of Kilimanjaro. Here is a picture to remind you of what I achieved!

Reading about Everest and watch Discovery World is 'Everest - Beyond the Limit' and I can't honestly say that I wouldn't like to give it a go.

Do you have a dream that just seems unrealistic? What are we suppose to do with these dreams/goals that we have?

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