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Monday, April 19, 2010

hello you all

i've been so busy with morgan and work and the shop....... so how are you all?

morgan is sooooooo cute. we are just loving every minute with her. she was so tired tonight because she didn't have her afternoon sleep at granny's house (and thats another story) so when i gave her the bottle tonight she fell fast asleep in my arms. aaaawhhh yes i know, couldn't take her to bed for ages. was watching her lying their in my arms, so precious

so scrappers, Prima have their design team call out at the moment. don't you just love their products, their paper is fantastic and as for those flowers..... well

so here is the link - give it a try. what you got to loose?

just a thought for Kirsty and her little one, Lexi. Our prayers are with you my friend


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