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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with family

So after all the hype, preparation, planning and wrapping, the big day has come and gone. Hopefully not without you taking a minute inbetween presents and christmas pudding to remember the true meaning of this special time. The day that the Lord reconciled his children to Him. Christmas day, the birth of our Lord Jesus, was the start of the journey to eternal salvation.

Morgan's first Christmas. And it didn't exactly go as planned. Due to Aunty Janice being here from London the preleading days were spent out and about. Trips to the mall, to the beach, many restaurants for lunch, breakfast and coffee - all put the little one out of her very rigid routine. Couple that with teeth problems and the result - a complete disaster! Considering the princess Morgan usually has 3 to 4 sleeps a day, she was to say the least, shattered! She grew more and more miserable due to lack of sleep.

But she did manage to give us a few smiles and shouts! She was so incredibaly spoilt from everyone. Teething beads from santa, dolly from granny, clothes and costumes from everyone, cellphone from Aunty Jacqui and an Aussie teddy from Aunty Jani. She has loved her new toys, and kept us all amused on boxing day watching her playing with them.

Morgan's first christmas will definatly be remembered for the great food, as always we do too much, fantastic company and a good cardgame after lunch. The weather was stunning and its the first Christmas in years that it hasn't rained in Port Elizabeth!

Have lots of photos to scrap of her first Christmas, and meeting aunty Jani. What a blessing to have all our family here together xxx

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